The Spice of Life

Posted on 03/06/2016

It’s official – I will talk about anything to pretty much anyone.

Out with Mr L’Ace and one of our male friends, the subject of Knicker Rocker Glory and all that she sells naturally came up in conversation. Along with the ‘need’ for sex toys (and lube, with all its various uses, but that’s a different post).

I have always seen vibrators, along with other sex toys and accessories, as an enhancement to great sex. They are not a replacement for the closeness, intimacy, or general ‘pull my hair and fuck me hard’ moments which make sex so… Delicious…

They offer a pretty much guaranteed orgasm when I need it, whichever way I particularly feel I need it at that moment in time. On my own, with company, there is a gadget in my toy box to do the job.

They are the added seasoning to a whole plate of goodness. Because sometimes, when you start tucking in, it’s just not quite hot enough for you.

Our friend doesn’t feel the need to use sex toys. It’s not that he disapproves, it’s just that, for him, all he needs is his cock, his hands, and his beautiful girlfriend. Basically, he won’t ever ask for you to ‘pass the salt’ over dinner – he doesn’t require extra seasoning with his rendevouz.

Could you pass the salt, please? Salt grinder and vibrator Could you pass the salt, please?

Which brings me to the point I always try to make. How you enjoy sex is your business. Love using toys? Great. Just don’t get them? That’s great too. Prefer to only use them on your own? Or, perhaps, you just don’t feel the need to mastburbate at all, and therefore only use them with a partner (yes, there are people who just don’t feel the urge to masturbate who still enjoy amazing sex lives). Seriously, whatever floats your boat.
I’m just here for those of you who like to add a little extra spice.

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