The Womanizer 500 Pro vs The Satisfyer Pro 2

Posted on 26/07/2016

Just in case you have been living underneath some sort of sexually-inhibitive type rock the last few months, you have probably heard that there is a new kid on the sex toy block – The Satisfyer Pro 2 Contactless Clitoral Stimulator.

Contactless clitoral stimulators aren’t a new thing, as such – they have been around for a couple of years in a couple of different guises. The one you are most likely to be familiar with is the original Womanizer 100. Loud bordering on slightly tacky prints and a shape that resembles a hand-help phone or ear thermometer. OK, admittedly this description may not sell it, but this might – 50% of women who tested the product reported achieving orgasm in less than a minute, according to The Womanizer’s website. Boom.

The original Womanizer 100

The original Womanizer 100

And now we have the new and improved The Womanizer 500 Pro, with its vastly improved pebble shape, 8 rather than 5 settings, Silent Mode, rechargeable (the original isn’t), two sizes of clitoral heads… but still with the love ’em or hate ’em prints and Swarovski jewels. Though, admittedly, less hate this time. And, it’s still not waterproof.

So – contactless? Yes – because they don’t attach or cause friction to the clitoris in any way. The Womanizer uses a patented and fiercely protected Pleasure Air Technology to create suction and pulses to the clitoral head. Yep – suction. It feels like oral sex, but oral sex that you have complete control over. From the super-sensitive Level 1 to the powerhouse Level 8, you can move your way up and down through the levels and tailor your own oral sex experience. That’s if your not one of the 50% of women who orgasm in less than a minute, of course – then I’m guessing you won’t have much time to play around…

The contactless clitoral stimulation means that the clitoris sits comfortably inside the head of the Womanizer whilst applying gentle suction and pulses

The contactless clitoral stimulation means that the clitoris sits comfortably inside the head of the Womanizer whilst applying gentle suction and pulses

Now, this ingenious technology sparked another German company, who had already launched The Satisfyer, to invest 18 months and an undisclosed 7 figure sum to develop their own patented version of the technology, which they call Pressure Wave Stimulation. Welcome to the world, Satisfyer Pro 2.


Direct comparison between The Womanizer and The Satisfyer is inevitable. The main differences?

  • The Satisfyer Pro 2 is waterproof. The Womanizer isn’t
  • The Satisfyer Pro 2 has 11 settings. The Womanizer has 8
  • The Womanizer is quieter to run than The Satisfyer, though admittedly The Satisfyer is a lot quieter when in place
  • Finish – The Womanizer has a smooth silicone coating over its ABS shell. The Satisyer is rose gold coloured ABS plastic with noticeable construction seams
  • The clitoral heads on both are made of body-safe silicone – The Womanizer has two different sizes, The Satisfyer’s one comes in somewhere between the two
  • The pulsations from the Womanizer resonate deeper, where as the Satisfyer feels more buzzy
  • Price – The Womaizer has an RRP of £139. The Satisfyer rocks in at an RRP of £69.99

They have now updated the Satisfyer Pro 2 – take a quick look at this video to hear the difference!!


There are then a few niceties which you notice for your price – The Womanizer has generally nicer packaging and comes with a storage bag – no bag for The Satisfyer Pro 2.

Other than that, in practical terms – what’s the difference?

Not an awful lot, in my opinion. Although the technologies are different, the sensation for the end user is very similar. The Womanizer is certainly made of a better quality motor, and the pulsations resonate deeper, where as the Satisfyer feel more on the surface and a bit buzzy. So it comes down to whether you are more suited to the 8 modes offered by The Womanizer or the 11 from The Satisfyer Pro 2 – the power settings are certainly more phased, so better if you require very subtle differences. Want to use it in the bath (which is awesome) then you have no option but The Satisfyer. Easier to clean? The Satisfyer wins again because of this. Both are rechargeable. Both are ergonomically designed and easy to hold and use. Both are improved in use by the addition of a little water-based lube around the area.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 and The Womanizer 500 Pro

The Satisfyer Pro 2 and The Womanizer 500 Pro

A point of note – if you are someone who is NOT a fan of direct and intense clitoral stimulation, then please be aware that these toys may NOT be for you. This isn’t a failure on your or the toys part – they are designed to do a job and they do it incredibly well. However, if you are someone who hits the ceiling the minute anything is directly applied to your clit, you may want to think again.

Also, you may not be  a person who orgasms easily through clitoral stimulation alone. Again, no fault of you or the toy here, it’s your body and it behaves in its own way. If this is the case, we can certainly suggest using a vibrator or dildo internally to make the most of the involuntary clenches you will feel in your pelvic floor muscles. It makes for tasty G-Spot stimulation at the same time!

So, overall, in terms of recommending one of these bad boys to friends or customers, The Satisfyer Pro 2 wins hands down. At half the price of The Womanizer, I can overlook a storage bag, a nicer box, and a plastic seam in exchange for more power settings and the WATERPROOF-ness.

Our full length comparison video can be found below.

Want to be Satisfyed…?  Buy your own Satisfyer Pro 2!

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