Remote controlled butt plugs? A Butt Plug for beginners? Oh go on then…

Posted on 09/08/2016

Seriously, you are missing out by not having these anal vibrators in your sex toy box/drawer/cabinet/room…

When I first saw the smaller GPlug by Fun Toys my first reaction was ‘oh my, isn’t it cute!’

Not the first reaction you would associate with holding a butt plug.

But this one is sooooooo small, and soft, and…cute!

Fun Toys Small and Large Rechargeable GPlugs

Fun Toys Small and Large Rechargeable GPlugs

Fun Toys claim that this is the smallest rechargeable butt plug on the market. And, at 3cm in diameter at its widest point, they are probably right (August 2016). The large GPlug comes in a third bigger at 3.9cm diameter.

Because of the size of the smaller one it is an ideal beginners butt plug or beginners anal vibrator. You won’t feel depth or girth of penetration. Instead the vibration sensations are focused more on the anal sphincter, which has a plethora of wonderfully sensitive nerve endings.

And of course, if you are more advanced, you can try the large size. Each has 6 vibration modes and a grand total of 10, yes, 10 vibration intensity levels. However, you can only access the vibration intensities with…THE GRing finger vibrator.

And this is the bit which I absolutely adore.

The G Ring works independently as a finger vibrator, with the same 6 modes of vibration. However, it also works as a REMOTE CONTROL for the G Plug anal vibrators.

Seriously. When you first switch the plugs on, a solid light means that they are in manual mode. Keep clicking the button and all you will do is change the mode.But if you press and hold for 3 seconds… the light starts to flash. And this,my friends, means that the plugs are in REMOTE CONTROL MODE.

Turn on the G Ring and it will automatically sync with the GPlug Or…GPlugs. Oh yes, this bad boy can sync to multiple GPlugs. Which means that you and your partner/s can be wearing a GPlug and one of you gets the fun of being in complete control!

With the plus and minus buttons on the GRing you can work your way through the intensity levels on the GPlugs as well as changing the vibration mode. And then, of course, you still have the option of using the GRing finger vibe on its own.

Plus, they are wonderfully presented in gorgeous tubes with an instruction manual, charging cable (USB to magnetic connection) and storage bag.

The only niggle I have is that the magnetic connection on the charger to the toy is a little fickle. It disconnects really easily. You need to make sure that they are left comfortably in a position where they will not be disturbed. Like I said, fickle.

I even made a little vid to demonstrate their delights! Not interactive, sadly…

And because we think these are so good, we offer a discount if you want to buy two G Plugs and a G Ring for shared derriere frolics. Aren’t we nice?! Buy your remote controlled butt plugs from Knicker Rocker Glory online sex shop!

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