Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Dilator Kit

Posted on 20/09/2016

This week Emmeline Peaches kindly wrote a review on a set of our 100% silicone dilators by Femintimate – their IntimRelax Vagina training kit. These dilators can be used to help overcome issues such as Vaginismus and Atrophic Vaginitis, as well as general nervousness at the idea of penetration.

On a more subjective note I also find the design of these dilators to be incredibly soothing in terms of femininity and connecting to that sense of female sexuality. The curves of each dilator seems to mirror the silhouette of the female form whereas the pastel pink evokes conventional female tropes even further. (Emmeline Peaches)


What I also adore about this kit it that the two-curved system means that users can taper their way up to the larger circumference without feeling like they have to take the entire length of the dilator. (Emmeline Peaches)

Read her full review of the Femintimate vagina dilating kit here.

Or click here to see the Femintimate ImtimRelax Vaginal Training dilator kit on our website.

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