Afternoon Tease Make Kink Eat Cake with Kink Craft

Posted on 20/10/2016

Upon meeting Andrew and Pixie from Kink Craft at the ETO show in Birmingham earlier this year, exciting thoughts began to appear.

I’d followed them on Twitter for some time, we’d had a few exchanges, and I loved what they were setting out to do. But being a kinky crafty human being, I wanted to meet them in person and have a go.

And have a go I did – sitting with Pixie and chatting away about… well, all sorts, really… she patiently talked my through constructing my own mini flogger.

And I loved it. The ETO had been a busy day, and being able to plonk down with the lovely Pixie and basically knit together a flogger was extremely therapeutic. It was kinky knitting, and I wanted to do MORE!

As the idea of kinky knitting took hold, I was envisaging some sort of vintage afternoon tea, WI style with scones, cakes, sandwiches… and teapots. Only teapots full of cocktails. And instead of knitting scarves, we were knitting kinky shit.

And there, sitting with Pixie and Andrew at the ETO show, I voiced the idea of an Afternoon Tease event.

Back home I proudly brandished my flogger to literally anyone who dared to pass through my home, whilst at the same time sounding friends and family out with my idea for a kinky afternoon tea.

Later this year, those thoughts became a reality and we hosted our very first Afternoon Tease #MakeKinkEatCake on a Saturday afternoon in October.

We were so lucky to have sex toy reviewer and member of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel Candy Snatch with us (she was the first person to book, and as such will forever hold a special place in our hearts). And we were even more delighted that she followed up with a review of our virgin event.

Follow this link to see what Candy Snatch had to say!

We will be offering more events, including Afternoon Tease #MakeKinkEatCake parties, at regular dates throughout the year. So sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay in touch!

Afternoon Tease events are now bigger and better and available on our website. If you can’t make it to an event, why not set up your own and buy the kits? Make your own homemade sex toy with a Kink Craft kit Available in an array of colours from our website.

We to see you making some kink soon!

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