The Great Big Fetish Compendium II. – A

Posted on 09/11/2016

Welcome back to the Great Big Fetish Compendium!

In our first instalment we looked in depth at what constituted a sexual fetish, whether or not such desires were common, and just how many fetishes there were.

Well this time we’re keeping things shirt and simple as we dive in to our first instalment of the compendium itself. Are you excited? I know I am!

Let’s begin!


Abasiophilia is an arousal towards people with impaired mobility. This typically includes people who use wheelchairs, leg braces, or other orthopaedic appliances.

If this fetish is something that you struggle to understand then I highly recommend checking out the stunning singer and model, Viktoria Modesta, and her fierce music video, Prototype. It’s a bold and visually captivating experience.


Familiar to most people with a vulva and a sense of aquatic curiosity, Ablutophilia is a sexual excitement brought about by baths or showers.

People with Ablutophilia may actively seek out sex in the shower or bath or enjoying solo sessions in these areas. Others with this fetish may find themselves drawn to the shower or bath itself—for example using the shower head to bring them to the point of orgasm.

This fetish can itself also be considered as a subdivision of Aquaphilia.


Audibly-driven, Acousticophilia is a sexual arousal to a particular type of sound. This sound doesn’t have to be music, or even sexual in nature (though sometimes it is). For some people it could be the crinkling of autumn leaves or deep, huffing breaths.

I’m sure we’ve all heard a noise that sent a tingle down our spine. Acousticophilia simply takes it to the next level of intensity.


Ever wanted to join the mile high club? How about sex at the top of the Eiffel Tower? For someone with Acrophilia these might be long-held fantasies revisited time and time again.

Acrophiles are individuals who gain sexual arousal from high places or high altitudes. Either from being immersed in such an environment or actually having sex while at great heights.

Sex on a plane may be an ideal scenario for Acrophiles but some might prefer sex on a rooftop, or sex at the top of a mountain. One thing’s for sure: these fabulous fetishists certainly redefine the term ‘sexual peak’.


Not to be confused with Abasiophilia, Acrotomophilia is the sexual attraction to individuals with an amputation.

Typically Acrotomophiles prefer leg amputations to arm amputations and have a preference for single limp amputations. They also favour amputations that leave a noticeable stump as opposed to no stump. Some people have speculated that this may tie in with an attraction to asymmetry.

Acrotomophiles tend to be very respectful with their fetish (given its sensitive nature) and many are in happy relationships with people who have an amputation.



Ever done a schoolgirl roleplay with your partner? How did it make you feel? Innocent? Empowered? Aroused?

Adolescentilism is the term used for those who get sexually aroused by assuming the role of a teenager. People who practice Adolescentilism might pretend to be a schoolgirl, a bratty goth, or any other chosen teen persona. The important aspect is the teenage mind set and mannerisms.

Adult Babies

Following the theme of sexual roleplay and fantasy, Adult Babies are people who like to assume to role of babies or toddlers and be cared for by an adult.

For many Adult Babies the mere act of pretending to be a baby is the appeal. As with any fantasy with an element of submission, acting out life as a baby or toddler allows the fetishist to let go of responsibility and enjoy a release from daily life.

Some Adult Babies also gain comfort and reassurance from the caregivers that they roleplay with. Playdates can also be arranged between Adult Babies, providing a playful and supportive social network.

There may sometimes be a sexual element to this fetish but it is not a strict requirement. Although the formal name for this fetish is paraphilic infantilism (or autonepiophilia) most in the community prefer and use the term ‘Adult Baby’ (AB).


Agalmatophilia is a sexual attraction to statues, mannequins, dolls, and similarly human-like inanimate objects.

One might consider Pygmalion as the original Agalmatophile—falling in love with his own creation—and many Agalmatophiles do still hold an affection for marble statues.

The object of an Agalmatophile’s affection may be life-sized, large-scale, or even miniature (such as a tourist’s replica or a ball jointed doll). Depending on the size of the figure different sexual acts may be attempted.

One notable example of Agalmatophilia can be seen in Luis Buñuel‘s 1930 L’Âge d’Or, in which the female protagonist sucks on the toe of a statue to convey her sexual desires. Now that’s two fetishes rolled in to one.



Agoraphilia is a sexual arousal that comes from having sex in open or public spaces.

Agoraphilia may be tied to Exhibitionism but the two aren’t always interconnected. Whereas Exhibitionism involves the thrill of being seen or discovered Agoraphiles are specifically aroused by open or public spaces. Getting caught or discovered may well be a by-product of this fetish, as sex in public is illegal in most places.

This is highlighted in the name of this fetish—with ‘agora’ deriving for the Greek word for public places.


This fetish concerns arousal to pain, though is distinct from Masochism in that there seems to be a biological element. Put simply someone with Algolagnia interprets the sensation of pain differently, especially when concerning the erogenous zones.

There are also different fetishes relating to pain that don’t share this biological difference. One such fetish is Algophilia: A sexual fetish from feeling or inflicting pain. This is much more closely tied to Masochism, as is Agonophilia, which is a sexual desire for pretend sexual violence.

Agonophilia can seem particularly problematic to some—as it sometimes involves scenarios of fake rape or abuse—but the scenes in which these fetishes are recreated are completely consensual and often highly scripted.

In all cases involving pain (or fake pain) communication and respect for each other’s boundaries are crucial.


This one is an absolute classic.

Altocalciphilia is a fetish for high-heeled shoes. Someone with Altocalciphilia may get pleasure from wearing high heels, from seeing someone else wearing them, or from the sound or sensations that high heels can provide.

I think we can all relate to the sense of power and arousal that tall, curvy set of high heels can provide and the captivating power of high heels has been used in film for years. As Tom Ford once said “It is hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels”.

High heels themselves are designed to have an aesthetic allure and most people have at least dabbled with this fetish.


Another one that most of us have at least dabbled in, Amaurophilia is a fetish relating to blindness or sensory deprivation.

Amaurophiles like to have sex in total darkness or to simulate blindness during sex. This may be done by turning the lights off, closing the eyes, or through other aids, such as blindfolds.

Amaurophiles may also favour partners who are blind or wish to know more about the experience of blindness for themselves. Some even roleplay blind scenes with their partner to gain this insight.

Whether it’s about experience or heightened sensation Amaurophiles tend to gain their pleasure from the deprivation that blindness provides and the experiences that stem from this.



Aquaphilia is characterised by the love of water and sexual arousal relating to it.

Aquaphiles may love swimming, holding their breath under water, or the sensation of water against their skin. Different people will have different preferences when it comes to their chosen body of water, but the love of water unites them.

Aquaphiles will take any opportunity they can to have sex in, around or under water.

While most of us have fantasized about sex in an aqua environment it’s important for Aquaphiles to prioritise safety when it comes to enacting their fantasies, especially if trying to engage in sex under water.



Speaking of safety, Asphyxiaphilia is a fetish most of us have heard of but very few should attempt without supervision, a lot of research, and the strictest safety measures.

Asphyxiaphilia is a fetish for being strangled or deprived of oxygen in a similar manner. An extension of this is Autoerotic Asphyxiation, which has caused accidental deaths over the years.

Outside of roleplaying scenarios (where no pressure is actually applied), this fetish comes with an inherent sense of risk which makes it particularly difficult to safely act upon. As such partnered Asphyxiaphilia is always preferable over self-strangulation and only with every precaution in place and a mutual awareness of the risks involved.


And that’s all for now! Join us next time where we’ll finish up the A’s and move on the B.

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With thanks as ever to Emmeline Peaches for her help with this project.

Written by Emmeline Peaches for Knicker Rocker Glory.



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