The Great Big Fetish Compendium III. A(Cont.)-B

Posted on 23/11/2016

Welcome back to the Great Big Fetish Compendium!

In our second instalment we began looking at the wonderful world of A. Not just a spot of great pleasure for some but also a very busy letter for fetishes. Believe it or not we’re still not done either. That’s right—when it comes to fetishes the party just keeps on rolling!

As a fair warning some of the fetishes in this particular section may seem rather extreme or distressing to some individuals. Please do keep this in mind (and keep an open mind) as you read through the contents of this article and remember that a fetish does not condone nor act as permission for violent or illegal acts.

With this in mind, let’s begin.


We’ve all had moments where we’ve felt so humiliated that we wish the ground would just swallow us up whole. But in the case of an Asthenolagnia giving in to that plunge of shame is like a freefall in to a rush of sexual bliss.

Asthenolagnia refers to arousal from humiliation or weakness. These tactics are commonly employed by Doms in the BDSM community and have even received mainstream media coverage (think ‘you’ve been a bad boy’, ‘you sicken me’, etc.) so chances are you’re already familiar with this particular fetish.

Although it may be hard to fathom why anyone would want to be knowingly humiliated, Asthenolagnia works much in the way as other submissive fetishes, where the chance to surrender to one’s own emotions (in this case humiliation) provides an immense release compared to everyday life.


Many fetishists find that a fetish shared is a fetish enjoyed (and certainly not halved). That being said some fetishists are perfectly happy to fly solo and actually prefer it that way, at least when it comes to their own fantasies.

Auto-fetishes are a type of fetish where the individual gets sexual gratification from imagining themselves as the centre of the scenario that arouses them. For example Autoandrophilia is a female-specific sexual fetish where a woman gets aroused by seeing herself dressed up as a man.

Common examples of Auto-fetishism are as follows:

Autoandropphilia: Women who get sexual pleasure from seeing themselves as men.

Autogynephilia: Men who get sexual pleasure from seeing themselves as women.

Autoplushophilia: Individuals who become aroused when imagining or seeing themselves as a plush toy or anthropomorphic animal (not to be confused with the furry fandom, which is a distinct social group).

Autovampirism: Individuals who become aroused when imagining or seeing themselves as vampires (typically including the act of safely and cautiously ingesting blood or seeing it).

Autozoophilia: Individuals who become aroused imagining or seeing themselves as animals or anthropomorphic animals (again, not to be confused with furries).

The fetish here isn’t just the clothing or situation but in imaging one’s self as being the entity or person, or being in the situation that is desired. This is what sets the many strains of Auto-fetishism apart from their parent categories and why it’s well worth adding to your own lexicon of fetish terminology.

Balloon Fetish

Balloon Fetishists are people who become sexually aroused by balloons. Such individuals call themselves ‘Looners’ in a playful display of just how much there is to love about fetishes in general.

This fetish generally revolves around the popping of balloons which can be considered as the climax to blowing them up, feeling them against the skin, and lying on them. The anticipation of when the balloon will pop coupled with the adrenaline rush upon the moment of popping is a main point of interest for Looners.

Many self-attribute this sexual arousal to an earlier phobia of balloons which then developed in to a sexual craving for the fears associated with them. Talk about facing your fears!


Technically not a fetish, BDSM is an umbrella term for many erotic practices which involves many of the elements of other fetishes, and thus deserves to be acknowledged as an amazing facilitator for people’s deepest desires.

‘What is BDSM?’ is a question that would deserve its very own article (perhaps even several!) so I won’t cover everything here.

In a nutshell, BDSM is often seen to stand for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. Practitioners of BDSM may not embark upon all of these branches of BDSM but these are the fundamentals that the general practices stem from.

Dominance and Submission are particularly prominent when it comes to the relationship between BDSM and fetishes. As we’ve already seen through many of the fetishes mentioned, this relationship dynamic is prevalent in a lot of fetishist desires and so the world of BDSM and fetish often dabble in intricate and inseparable manners.

Despite whether or not you see BDSM as an overarching term or as a cluster of very specific fetishes I think it’s fair to say that very few BDSM practitioners would term themselves as ‘Vanilla’, and that’s what really matters for this compendium.


Not for the feint-hearted, Belonephilia is a sexual obsession with sharp objects. These objects may be needles, glass, knives, or anything else that fits the bill.

Someone with Belonephilia might also derive sexual pleasure from playing with sharp objects, feeling them, or even harming themselves or others with them. It is because of this that Belonephilia is considered a particularly risky fetish which should always be undertaken in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.

Belonephilia can be linked to sadism and masochism but is still its own distinct fetish due to the particular focus on sharp objects. If you or your partner has Belonephilia it is important to set clear limits and to notice if the fetish might be transitioning to a more problematic form of self-harm.


A form of sexual sadism, Biastophilia is the sexual arousal towards assaulting (either sexually or non-sexually) an unsuspecting person, typically a stranger.

The arousal in such situations comes from the victim’s fear response and the control that the Biastophile has over the situation.

Although this fetish may sound problematic just because a person has Biastophilia doesn’t mean they will actually act on their fantasies in everyday life. Like any other fetish, Biastophilia is widely practiced by fully consenting adults who are simply playing out a scenario together in order to reach sexual satisfaction. This is typically not as fulfilling to a Biastophile as the premise of a sincere assault but can be a very viable and healthy outlet for their fetish.

For the victim there may equally be a rush in feeling so helpless and so such sexually scenarios can often be mutually beneficial (especially seeing as rape fantasies are already a very prevalent occurrence in perfectly healthy and sane individuals).

As with any fetish it’s important to take a step back and remember that what we enact in fantasy and what we do in reality are two very different things. Biastophiles may know this better than most, so it’s worth considering this before becoming alarmed at more extreme fetishes.

If, however, you have Biastophilia and feel that the only way to fulfil your urges is through the literal act of rape or assault then it is important to seek professional help immediately for your own wellbeing and that of others.

Blood Play

Linked to Autovampirism, Vampirism, Hematolagnia, and other forms of edge play (which we will explore in due course) Blood Play relates to any erotic or sexual play or scenario involving blood.

Those who are interested in blood play typically find the sight, smell, or taste of blood to be highly arousing to them. The pain or sensations associated with drawing blood can also be involved for some, as can the relationship dynamic between the one giving blood and the one taking or receiving it.

Because of this Blood Play often involves drawing blood in some way and can sometimes involve individuals consuming blood. As such when engaging in this fetish it is incredibly important to keep hygiene and personal safety in mind. Anything used to draw blood should be sterilized and all participants up to date on testing for sexual and other medical diseases. Blood Play should only ever be undertaken with someone that is trustworthy and both individuals should be trained in the proper way to extract blood.

Needless to say Blood Play can be a very risky fetish if done incorrectly. Blood Play enthusiasts may be comforted by the fact that they have a celebrity endorsement though, as Angelina Jolie is said to have kept vials of blood as part of her own personal fetish.


And that’s all for now! Hopefully you’ve found these fetishes interesting and feel like you’ve gained some insights in to the inner workings of our deepest desires.

There’s been a lot of safety talk in this compendium entry but we feel it’s necessary when discussing fetishes that may involve bodily or psychological harm. As practitioners of BDSM would say, keep it safe, sane, and conventional with every sexual act.

As it turns out B stands for ‘brief’ so we’re done with that letter. Join us next time for the start of C onwards.

With thanks as ever to Emmeline Peaches for her help with this project.

Written by Emmeline Peaches for Knicker Rocker Glory.

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