The Great Big Fetish Compendium IV. C

Posted on 07/12/2016

Welcome back to the Great Big Fetish Compendium!

In our third instalment we finished off A before glimpsing in to the more extreme offerings of B.

Hopefully by now it’s apparent that everyone has their own kinks and that as long as they’re practiced in a way that’s safe and healthy for everyone involved then there’s no reason for judgement or derision. We’ve all got out own little quirks after all and shame only amplifies the more problematic elements of anything, including fetishes.

With that in mind let’s keep on trucking as we begin looking at the curious offerings of C and beyond.

Cage Fetish

In an unconventional turn for a Disney movie, my first experience with cage fetishism was in the wonderfully corny Halloween popcorn flick, Hocus Pocus. Seeing the ever-sexy Sarah Jessica Parker spin around two caged bullies (who were experiencing a particularly harsh bout of karma) was both amusing and satisfying.

Cages in fetish culture come in all shapes and sizes. Some are used for erotic dance and display whereas others are meant to confine a sub in a shrinking manner. Pet play enthusiasts may find cages comforting, whereas masochists may see them as delicious punishment.

Whatever the preference if you enjoy being in a cage (or seeing/placing someone else in one) then you may just have this particular fetish.


An offshoot of medical fetishism, Catheterophilia is a sexual arousal linked to receiving or giving someone a catheter.

Some have speculated that this fetish may be linked to the pleasure felt during urination—which is often triggered during the process of receiving a catheter for some. Depending on the individual medical roleplay may also be involved in any catheter-play and part of the experience may be this immersion in a medical fantasy. After all, there’s nothing quite as realistic as receiving/doing a medical procedure.

But proceed with caution! Applying a catheter is best kept to the professionals and amateur catheter procedures can cause pain or infection. Because of this truly dedicated Catheterophiles might actually seek out medical training in order to fulfil their fantasies. Now that’s dedication!


Ross and the gang had their own moment of Celebriphilia in Friends when they made their sexual ‘freebie’ list (though we all know how that one turned out).

Celebriphilia is a strong desire to have sex with a celebrity. Celebriphiles may have a single celebrity that they’re fixated on or simply crave sexual encounters with any celebrity.

Celebriphilia is closely associated with celebrity culture and Celebriphiles may get a rush from the idea of integrating in to the world of superstardom or associating with celebrity crowds.

As with any other fetish Celebriphilia is harmless as long as it isn’t unhealthy or damaging to the Celebriphile or the celebrity/celebrities in question. Celebrity stalking is one example of Celebriphilia taken too far and such desires may require treatment to become more manageable.


How do you feel when you dance to your favourite song? Sexy? Empowered? Aroused? If so then you’ve probably had your own tame encounter with choreophila.

Choreophila is a sexual arousal linked to dancing. This can be dancing to the point of sexual pleasure or orgasm or simply dancing for the sake of the dance itself.

Sex and dance have a long-standing and often ritualistic history so it’s no surprise that some people have embraced the fetishistic qualities of the action. Though obviously each fetishist has their own style and preference.

So, remember, while you may not personally like twerking (or even Gangnam Style) it could be someone’s deepest fantasy brought to life.


Chremastistophilia is a fetish in which individuals gain sexual pleasure from being robbed of their money or possessions. This arousal might involve a violent intervention such as being held up at gunpoint, or with a knife, but can also encompass financial domination (though this is also its own fetish).

Chremastistophilia is also known as the hold-up kink and actually has a rather large online presence. This could reflect the forethought of a lot of Chremastistophiles—who may want to experience the act of losing their possessions in a controlled and safe environment rather than risking their own safety.

Trying to fulfil ones Chremastistophilia by actively seeking out real robbers or theft in everyday life is considerably more dangerous and unpredictable and should be avoided.


Also known as ‘age fetishism’ (though not generally adopted by sexologists), Chronophilia is a term first used by sexologist John Money to describe a sexual attraction to someone who is drastically older or younger than the individual in question.

It’s fair to say that Chronophilia is a pretty popular fetish. American Pie dabbled in Chronophilia with the iconic use of the MILF then of course there’s always Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Bunny Girls. Most of us also know a few handsome silver foxes and sultry dames that we wouldn’t mind being swept away by.

However when experiencing or engaging in Chronophilia it’s always important to keep the age-difference between individuals in mind and to avoid any situations that might constitute and abuse of power or be considered as illegal or sexual abuse.

Paedophilia, for example, is never an acceptable fetish to act upon and those struggling with it should take action to find support groups and methods of treatment.


Enclosed cages make a reappearance when it comes to this fetish. Claustrophilia is the love of confinement or enclosed and tight spaces.

A Claustrophile stands out in the crowd (quite literally) as someone who is perfectly comfortable with being cramped in close quarters—either with others or alone—unable to easily escape the situation.

Claustrophilia manifests itself in many different ways, as the act of being confined is incredibly diverse. For some a straitjacket is the perfect piece of fashionable attire for an evening of sexual delights, for others a cage or coffin might be more their pace. Others may simply find tight clothing to be enough to keep them tantalized throughout the day (and if placed on them by a Dom then dynamics of BDSM may come in to play).

Whatever their preference, individuals with Claustrophilia manage to take a situation that would terrify most and find a sense of enjoyment and release in it. That sounds admirable to me.


Two girls. One cup. Enough said.

Coprophilia (also known as ‘scatophilia’ or ‘fecophilia’) is a sexual fascination towards faeces.

Infamous in mainstream media, Coprophilia may involve sexual enjoyment from the smell, feel, or taste of excrement and may rub it on their bodies or genitalia.

Although it may seem shocking to some, some studies have shown that up to 18% of men in the S&M communities may have dabbled with dung at some point. Coprophilia can also be as tame was wanting to watch a partner defecate or having them do so on your body.

As with any fetish, if you or your partner wants to dabble in Coprophilia then it’s worth sitting down and having a conversation about the topic first. This is especially important when involving faecal matter, as there are serious health concerns if scat play is not done correctly.

For example Coprophagia (the action of eating faeces) is actively discouraged by health professionals, who warn that it could cause serious illness or infection.


Given the recent media frenzy around certain sinister individuals, this one may surprise you, but Coulrophilia is a sexual attraction to clowns.

People with Coulrophilia may want their partner to dress as a clown or may engage in clown-based fantasies or roleplays. There’s also a lot of fun to be had with common clowning props—such as colourful scarf bondage, playful rubber chicken gags, and oral shenanigans with overly creamy pies (which need to be cleaned up by someone, after all).

Those who are sceptical of the appeal of Coulrophilia might also think of pop-culture sex icons, such as the timeless Harley Quinn. Even die-hard bozophobics might make an exception for Margot Robbie.


Did you know that for the now-famous Pretty Woman poster it’s not actually Julia Robert’s body that we’re seeing? Donna Scoggins filled that role and functioned as Roberts’ body double for quite a few shots.

Why? Because legs in Hollywood matter. The long legs of Vivian Ward (adorned in gorgeous thigh-high boots) were a major draw for many movie goers and arguably define the visual marketing of the film.

People with Crurophilia know the importance of a good pair of legs more than most, as this fetish is defined by a sexual fixation towards legs.

People with Crurophilia will show their affection by kissing, caressing, and generally worshipping the legs of those they find attractive in an ultimate celebration of these body parts. They may also enjoy the sensation of having legs wrapped around them or simply seeing legs displayed in a sexual manner (Pretty Woman style).

Given the status of legs in popular culture (especially when it comes to women) I think it’s fair to say that we all dabble in Crurophilia to some extent.

And that’s all for now!

C is a letter full of so many fun and varied fetishes that we’ll be visiting even more of them in our next entry. In the meantime why not invest in a tight corset or clown nose and see if any of the fetishes here catch your fancy?


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With thanks as always to Emmeline Peaches for her help with this project.

Written by Emmeline Peaches for Knicker Rocker Glory.

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