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Posted on 23/06/2017

Passion Thrillers – double the intimacy, learning and fun with couples sex toys


Sex as play is a wonderful thing. When we stop giving in to anxious thoughts, worries about performance or body hang-ups and just be ourselves, sex really is the ultimate leisure activity. Many couples use sex toys for the variety and novelty they offer, but it’s perfectly understandable that if you’re not sure how to use a toy or you feel like you’re expected to put on a show for your partner some of the fun might be diluted.


If keeping your sex light and bright is important to you, couple-friendly sex toys that you can not only use during sex but that bring you both simultaneous pleasure can be a great asset to your sexual relationships. Choosing your toys together will help you feel closer and remind you of the fact that you really care about each other’s pleasure, making sex an important exchange. Talking about the different sensations your toys create for each of you can also be a learning experience, revealing the range of feelings your bodies are capable of and how they are generated, making you more sensitive, confident and intuitive sex partners in the long run.


So what mutual delights are going to bring couples the most pleasure? Here are some of Ruby’s faves. Or pop on over to see all of our selection of sex toys and vibrators for couples.


Cock Rings

rocks off union couples cock ring sex toy vibrator

The Rocks Off Union Couples Cock Ring recently made Cosmopolitan’s top 12 best sex toys for couples (it came in at number 8)

A well-designed cock ring is an easy and often inexpensive way to start experimenting with sex toys as a couple. The Rocks Off Union Couples Cock Ring recently came 8th in a list of the 12 Best Sex Toys for Couples in Cosmopolitan. Designed for PIV (penis in vagina) type sex, it has 2 individually controlled bullets for ball and clit stimulation. £30.



Vibrators for Couples

Some vibrators are specifically designed for use during sex and to be worn in the vagina. This can apply if your partner has a penis or if you are using a strap-on dildo. The company Satisfyer recently tried to take on the world-renowned We-Vibe by making their own version called the Satisfyer Partner Plus, but it has received many negative reviews including by my most respected Emmeline Peaches and as such I struggle to recommend it with mush enthusiasm. I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed or waste your money.

we vibe for couples unite toy and wireless remote control vibrator

We-Vibe recently launched the We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator, a more purse friendly version of their famous couples vibrator the We-Vibe Sync. The We-Vibe Unite has 10 settings, is splash-proof and has a slimmer design than the We-Vibe Sync, but upgrade to the We-Vibe Sync if you want the use of the app for long-distance loving and bespoke vibration patterns, waterproof-ness and the freedom to move up and down through the patterns. £79 (Unite) or £166 (Sync).



Remote Control Sex Toys

A remote control vibrator is often top of the list on a couple’s sex toy wish list. Surrendering control of your pleasure can be a turn on in itself, but then there is the additional and welcome side effect of encouraging you to give constructive feedback to your partner/s in play. How does it feel? Stronger? Too much? Pattern or straight vibration? Yes that was working…but now it needs to change to…? By having to voice what you are feeling, how it makes you feel, and how it could be better, are strong and empowering skills to have in the bedroom. Realising your play partner is not a mind reader and learning to listen to clues and instructions without feeling like you’re doing something wrong will up your sex to a different league altogether.


Remote Control Vibrators for Vaginas

Got a vagina? Then you might want to try these. DO NOT try these for anal play!!!

svakom elva remote control vibrator egg roses and gift

The Svakom Elva is a remote control egg with 5 vibration patterns, each with 5 levels of intensity. Made of body-safe silicone, it’s also 100% waterproof. £55


lust linx ball and chain pelvic floor toner remote control vibrator

The Rocks Off Lust Linx Ball and Chain is a fun remote control vibrator with 10 vibration settings (3 straight and 7 patterns). The remote has a 10m radius so you are certainly able to experiment in different situations should you wish. The play on the traditional ‘Ball and Chain’ metaphor for marriage also makes this a quirky present! £55


Remote Control Anal Vibrators

Fancy playing with a different hole? These remote control anal vibrators and butt plugs may be exactly what you are looking for.

we vibe ditto wireless remote control sex toy butt plug

The We-Vibe Ditto is a anal vibrator which is designed to be used by any gender and is completely beginner friendly due to it’s size and tapered shape. Use the remote control or the We-Connect app to play from even further afield. £109

GPlug anal vibrator butt plug pink small and large


I love the GPlugs from Fun Toys. Rechargeable butt plugs with the option of a GRing finger vibrator which also acts as a remote control. Even more exciting is that you can connect multiple butt plugs to one remote, meaning you can make as many butts shake as you wish! From £40-£60 per vibrator or also available as vibrator gift sets.


Remote Control Cock Rings

we vibe verge cock ring couples wireless sex toy

The We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring comes app ready to use with the wireless We-Connect app. He can wear it out, you can turn up the volume! £89



Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses

Used by couples of all sexes, genders and orientations, using a dildo in a harness to penetrate your partner is an exciting power play.

Blood red glitter g spot Ambit Godemiche dildo sex toy

Blood red glitter Ambit handmade dildo

Godemiche make the most beautiful handmade dildos, all of which are strap-on harness friendly and made from top quality silicone. Glitter? Rainbow? The choice is yours. At starting at £30 they are excellently priced too.


Pop on over to see our full collection of couples sex toys.


Any questions? feel free to ask Ruby for some personal shopping advice on what sex toy to buy.




If this post has whet your appetite for more information, you’d like some tips on tantalising techniques or have a specific question about sex, love or relationships, drop me a line via our Ask a Sexpert service!


Have fun!


Rhian XOXO






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