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Knicker Rocker Glory is proud to work with qualified Sex and Relationship Counsellor Rhian to offer our very own Ask a Sexpert service.

Rhian Kivits - qualified sexual therapist and Knicker Rocker Glory's Ask a Sexpert

Meet Rhian – our resident Sexpert

There is nothing worse than sitting on a problem or a question and not knowing who to ask. Especially when that question or problem is related to sex, fantasies, fetishes or relationships. So send out an SOS and ask Rhian to Save Our Sex!

Rhian is an accredited, Relate-qualified Counsellor with an advanced training in Psychosexual Therapy. Since 2013 she has helped hundreds of couples and singles of all sexual identities enjoy richer relationships and more fulfilling sex lives. Her message is all about how we can fearlessly reach greater heights of connection and pleasure, enjoy a stronger sense of sexual empowerment and experience the sensual authenticity that makes us feel truly alive – while having tons of fun along the way.

In addition to running her private client work in Plymouth, UK, Rhian works online and gets involved with writing and marketing projects for therapists and therapy organisations. Her writing on sex, relationships and emotional well-being has been published on the internet and in print media.

Rhian’s professional expertise in sex and relationships means that she brings a magical mix of tried and tested sexual techniques, psychosexual insight, sex education and sex-positive coaching to Knicker Rocker Glory.

Her website is – Rhian Kivits PGCE MNCS (Accred)

Contact Rhian anonymously using the form below.

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Please fill in the below form and we will pass your question on to our sexpert Rhian. All personal details are kept private and your reply will be posted anonymously on our blog so that it can help others.

Ask a Sexpert and Save Our Sex #SOS

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