Lube and Massage Oil

Lube and massage oil is massively underrated. Massage oils and personal lubricants help keep things slick and enhance the sense of touch. Enjoy the ripples of delight during massage, intercourse and self pleasure.

We offer a range of water-based, silicone based,and oil based lubricants, along with hybrid lubes (a mix of both water and silicone). Intimate personal moisturisers and cleansers are also available to help you maintain ultimate sexual health. Gents, you can also make use of personal moisturisers!

Our massage oils come in both liquid and candle form to allow you to indulge in heat play should you wish.

We select brands which take intimate sexual health seriously. No parabens, vastly free of glycerine (the only ones which include this are the Give Lube flavoured oral gels), added vitamins to promote healing, and organic ingredients. We care about what you put down there!

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